Simplicity through Automation

Focus on supporting staff and customers to spend their time on high value activities rather than repetitive, manual tasks and turn data into actionable information

Data vs Information

Its important to understand the different between Data and Information:


Data is raw unorganised facts that need to be processed. Data can be something and seemingly random and useless until it’s organised.


When data is processed, organised, structured or presented in a context that makes it useful – its information.

Why is Automation so Important Now?

  • Organisations are using more and more online platforms (e.g. CRM, surveys, email management, project management etc)
  • Technology has evolved that has made automation easier to implement.
  • Automation platforms are cheaper and some have free plans
  • In a world that is getting increasingly more complex, you need your smart people focussed on complex problem solving

What Automation Can Do…

Help connect your data sets

Automation can help avoid having to duplicate data in multiple systems and make data available in multiple systems. Helping you towards the goal of a single source of truth.

Helps automate logic-based workflows

Automation works great in “IF…THEN” scenarios where you want something to happen when a specific event or trigger happens. (e.g. send an email when someone completes a form).

Free up resource time

Help automate repetitive or logic-based tasks so that your team can focus on tasks that add greater value.

What Automation Can’t Do…

Do all of your work for you

Automation can help make you more productive and take manual, repetitive tasks off your plate but can’t do all of your work for you

Replace you
This isn’t about finding ways to replace staff but how can we get your people working on higher order

Solve ALL of your data or workload challenges
Automation is not a silver bullet but can help your team focus on tasks that make the difference

How to Identify What You Can Automate

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Check Out Our Other Services


Automated maturity assessments are a hugely impactful way to engage your prospects, customers or partners. Utilising a range of secure, cloud-based platforms to capture data, embed your expertise to produce some key insights and then hyper-personalise a PDF report, automated maturity assessments are now available to businesses of all sizes.

Some great use cases include:

  • Maturity assessments
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Consultancy framework
  • Inclusion framework
  • ROI Calculators
  • Services selector
  • Online quote builder


Our small business automation tools are designed to help you do more with less, drive digital transformation, and scale effectively. With our tools and expertise, you can streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and free up valuable time and resources.

  • Help you do more with less: Automation can help you get more done in less time
  • Drive digital transformation: Our tools can help you modernise and digitise your processes, helping you stay competitive in today’s digital world.
  • Scale effectively: Automation can help you scale your business without the need for additional resources, allowing you to grow without breaking the bank.
  • Improve efficiency: Automation can help you eliminate errors and improve accuracy, resulting in more efficient and reliable processes.

We offer a range of different services to help you find the right processes and operations to be automated.


Our data visualisation tools service is designed to help businesses turn raw data into compelling, actionable insights that drive your organisation and stakeholders forward.

  • Demonstrate impact: Our tools can help you aggregate, analyse and visualise your data in a way that clearly communicates the value and impact of your work.
  • Identify trends: Through the data visualisations, you can easily identify trends and patterns that may not be immediately apparent in raw data sets.
  • Communicate more effectively: With visually appealing and easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and diagrams that effectively convey your message we can help you tell your story with data.
  • Be more data driven: By helping achieve a single source of truth for information and giving you easy access to visualise and analyse that data, you can make more informed leading to more accurate and effective decision-making.