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Simple and Engaging – Your Automation Partner

Simple and Engaging was started to solve a frustrating problem – small businesses and not for profits paying loads of money for technology that they didn’t need, use or that didn’t drive real value. We saw how affordable automation can be when done right and we’re on a mission to help businesses do more with less without costing the earth.

We’re not developers – we don’t live in a world of coding removed from what its like to actually run a business with limited resources and no time. We’re innovators who come up with smart solutions to complex problems using technology. All our solutions are designed and built by a small business for small businesses.

We specialise in helping small businesses and non-profits unlock their full potential, solve complex problems and scale using technology. Through our tried and tested services, designed specifically for small businesses, we can help you scale your expertise, do more with less and become more data driven as an organisation.

How Do We Automate Your Work?

Our automations are designed to streamline and automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks for you. We work with you to identify tasks that are taking time out of your day that are ripe for automation. Our solutions can help improve efficiency, reduce errors, and free up valuable time and resources.

Automations are usually configured to trigger specific actions based on certain conditions or events, such as the completion of a task or the receipt of new data. They can be used to automate single tasks to entire business processes for a range of industries.

Don’t worry, we’ll help scope the processes and configure the technology so you can enjoy the extra time!

But What Can You Automate? 

Automation can be used to fully automate or partially automate nearly any process in your business – finance, marketing, sales, operations, you name it, we can automate some or all of it. To help give you an idea we’ve gathered a few examples of some of different types of automations.

Boost Responses to Surveys

Automation to send personalised reminder emails to non-respondents

Time Saved = 15 minutes per email

Creating Detailed Reports Effortlessly

Using automation to create personalised charts and text based on your dataset

Time Saved = 3 Hours Per Report

Managing Customer Subscriptions

Using automation to automate renewals, cancellations and invoicing

Time Saved = 10 minutes per day

Newsletter with a Dynamic Sequence

Automation to deliver newsletters with content based on signup timing

Time Saved = 2 hours per contact

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How Can We Help?

To make sure we deliver real value with our automations, we only work with a few organisations at a time. This is to ensure we have the time to understand your business, your processes and how automation can help you do more with less!

Automation Consulting

Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction and get an outside perspective. We can give you a fresh, business outcome focussed perspective to your business and how to apply automation to drive short and long term success.

Automation Configuration

We can set up the technology for you. We can either get you started or manage it on an ongoing basis – always focussed on ensuring you have the right technology that solves your problem, cheaply.

Automation Management

We’ll keep an eye on your automation, make sure that it keeps running and fix any issues that come up with. Ensuring a stress-free automation experience!

Time for Action

If you are new to the idea of automation and not sure whether you are ready to speak to us yet – thats ok. To help get you started we’d love to share with you our popular FREE 5-Minute Automation Challenge: 10 Automation Ideas You Can Set Up For FREE in 5 Minutes (or Less!) guide. It includes:

  • 10 automation ideas you can setup for free
  • Each idea takes less than 5 minutes to setup
  • Examples, bonus tips and tutorials

The guide is designed for small businesses with ideas so you can get automating today! Just enter your email below and we’ll email it straight to you.

If you are ready to talk to us about how you can use automation in your business, setup a meeting with David Watters today, he’d love to learn more about your business and see how we can help.