FREE Small Business Health Check

How healthy is your business right now?

How likely are you to achieve your business goals?

Find out with our free small business health check. 3 simple steps to improve your small business.

1. Take the Assessment

2. Review Personalised Report

3. Identify Action Plan and Improve

Personalised Improvement Recommendations

Our short assessment takes around 10 minutes to complete. You will then be sent a personalised report outlining:

  • Your overall Business Health
  • Your strongest and weakest success quadrants
  • Personalised recommendations based on your scores
  • Your scores and ratings in detail

4 Key Success Quadrants Assessed

Our free assessment assesses 12 pillars of successful businesses split across the following 4 success categories:

Business Strategy

 To deliver a measurable business outcome, you need to be clear about what you are aiming to achieve

Customer Research

A successful business requires evidence or proof that it can achieve the intended business outcomes.

Planning and Implementation

Achieving your intended business outcomes takes dedicated work and careful planning.

Capacity to Deliver

Achieve your business outcomes requires every person involved in the customer lifecycle needs to have the capabilities. relationships and support to drive results.

Adapted from a world leading framework that assesses if the conditions are in place to achieve intended outcomes

Our Small Business Health check has been heavily influenced and adapted from Barber, M. and Rizvi, S (2013) Efficacy Framework: A Practical Approach to Improving Learner Outcomes. This groundbreaking framework produced by Sir Michael Barber and Saad Rizvi, was designed as a tool “that uses a tried and tested method to help understand how products or services can achieve their intended outcomes or results”. We’ve used the framework for in a bunch of different contexts so we took the time to adapt to focus on understanding how likely a small business is to achieve its intended business outcomes, a business health check.