Simplify My Company

How Can I Automate My Business? A Guide to Streamlining Your Processes

Discover the benefits of automating your business processes and learn practical steps to implement automation. This guide covers everything from understanding business automation to identifying suitable areas, mapping out processes, analysing efficiency, setting goals, choosing the right tools, and developing an implementation plan. Streamline your operations, save time, and focus on value-driven activities.

Easy to Implement Automation Ideas for Small Businesses and Not for Profits

Discover the power of automated maturity assessments in helping organisations achieve their goals efficiently and objectively. By automating the data collection, analysis, and reporting processes, this tool can provide quick and reliable insights into an organisation’s capabilities. Find out about the key advantages and challenges of using this tool, and learn how it can guide decision-making and planning processes.

3 Free tools that will save you money on things you need to buy today (plus a bonus one)

Are you feeling disconnected from your team while working remotely? Are communication and collaboration challenges hindering your productivity and morale? You’re not alone. A recent study shows that difficulties with communication and collaboration are the second biggest challenge with working remotely. But the good news is, there are free tools available to help make collaboration a breeze, even when you’re working remotely. In this blog post, we share three free tools that can help you, your team, and stakeholders work together more efficiently and effectively. Don’t let distance hold you back, let’s make collaboration easy and seamless!