Small Business Automation Tools

Automate your processes and do more with less

Want to scale your operations and focus on complex business problems? Good, we want you to as well.

Small Business Automation tools are all about how you can do more with less to achieve your business goals.

From identifying what you can automate, choosing the right technology to configuring the tools  we’ll help you automate the simple things so you can spend time on the things that really matter for your business.

Where to Start

Small businesses and not-for-profits today face many challenges in the constantly evolving world of technology, regulatory and consumer trends. One way to overcome these challenges and improve efficiency is through small business automation tools. For more information on the benefits of automation for small businesses, check out this article from the Small Business Administration.

Automation can help small businesses do more with less, scale cost-effectively, and achieve their goals. To help small businesses get started, we’ve put together this series of tools to help small businesses understand automation and where to begin.

 Whether you’re new to automation or have some experience, these tools will provide valuable insights and guidance to help your small business succeed in today’s digital world.

Small Business Health Check

A short online self assessment that looks at 12 key pillars of a successful business. Your business is given an overall rating and also a personalised report identifying your key improvement areas. This helps identify how well your business is set up for success and where to focus our automation efforts.

Small Business Technology Playbook

Technology can supercharge your business or drain it of cash. We’ve compiled details on 27 FREE or CHEAP technology platforms that can help automate your business and give you more time and more money. A great way to ensure you are using technology to make your business more straightforward.

What Can We Automate?

Identifying what tasks and processes can be automated can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to automation. That’s why we’ve put together a detailed process to help small businesses identify what they can automate.

How do our Small Business Automation Tools Work?

Our automation solutions are designed to streamline and automate repetitive or time-consuming tasks for your organisation. Our solutions can help improve efficiency, reduce errors, and free up valuable time and resources.

Our solutions are configured to trigger specific actions based on certain conditions or events, such as the completion of a task or the receipt of new data. They can be used to automate single tasks to entire business processes for a range of industries.

We’ll help scope the processes and configure the technology so you can enjoy the extra time!

How Can We Help?

Strategy and Advisory

Sometimes you just need someone to point you in the right direction and get an outside perspective. We can give you a fresh, business outcome focussed perspective to your business and how to apply automation to drive short and long term success.

Automation Configuration

We can set up the technology for you. We can either get you started or manage it on an ongoing basis – always focussed on ensuring you have the right technology that solves your problem, cheaply.

Not For Profit Consulting

We believe in working together and offer special rates for not for profits to help you become more simple as an organisation and focus on creating a greater impact. Ensuring you are set for success.

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